ATLAS Achromatic Gold Z Plug Screw set van 4


ATLAS Achromatic Gold Z Plug Screw set van 4

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ATLAS Achromatic Gold Z Plug (banaan pluggen)  Screw set van 4

High quality Achromatic Z 4mm connector. Grub screw fixing.   Achromatic non-magnetic Z plugs, eliminating any possible detrimental effects from magnetic eddy currents.

The Achromatic Z-plugs from Atlas are the next level in performance and appearance resulting from an accumulation of Atlas’ electromechanical knowledge. This new approach to their Z-plug means Atlas can create a higher performance starting point for their speaker cables, eliminating variability in performance by refocusing on materials and assembly processes.

In the process of improving their Z-plug, Atlas has changed 4 key areas of the Achromatic Z-plug. The first change Atlas made was with the main body material of the Achromatic barrel. Atlas now use a high stability ABS material which is known for its strong, stable and superlative surface quality.

The second change Atlas made was to improve the plug’s contact resistance by improving the compliance of the beryllium copper contact leaves. The third change Atlas made was to upgrade the manufacturability of the plug for pneumatic tool processing.

The last change Atlas made was to reduce the overall mass of the Z-plug by 35%. All of these changes reach Atlas’ goal of a solder-free, low mass, non-conductive body, self-cleaning, recyclable Z-plug.

Ook geschikt voor luidsprekerkabel van 4 mm3


2 x Ruby Red    +     2 x Black