YAMAHA A-S3000 -occasion- SOLD

YAMAHA A-S3000 -occasion-


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YAMAHA A-S3000 -occasion-   SOLD

Kleur: zilver

In geheel originele verpakking met toebehoren. In 100% nieuwstaat.

Uiterst accuraat geluid met maximale muzikale expressie. Puur geluid, zonder signaalverlies, met een verfijnd, elegant design. De A-S3000 vormt het hoogtepunt van de Yamaha-lijn.

Occasions kunnen niet worden geretourneerd.

  • Rigid Streamlined Construction— provides strict anti-vibration protection, and enables shortest cabling routes
  • Large toroidal transformer, solidly mounted with independent three-dimensional inner frame
  • Comprehensive low impedance design, shortened signal paths and copper-plated chassis
  • Six mm thick top panel made of non-magnetic aluminium plate
  • Left-right symmetrical design for independent pre amp and power amp blocks
  • Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier with MOSFETs
  • All-stage balanced transmission
  • Direct drawing toroidal transformer for complete elimination of signal transmission loss
  • Exceptionally low impedance through secure screw connections
  • Superior quality electronic volume control for optimum sound
  • Discretely configured phono amp
  • Exquisite, large level meters reflect the dynamics in the music
  • Meticulously designed and beautiful in appearance—just like a musical instrument
  • Original speaker terminals for high sound quality, as well as beauty and ease of use
  • Obsessive, meticulous switch design— elaborate, richly textured, easy-to-use