TOTEM Sky Tower -zwart essen-


Prijs per paar, alleen in zwart essen.

5 jaar


Deze nieuwe TOTEM luidspreker is de opvolger van de legendarische TOTEM Sttaf.

Wordt nu standaard geleverd inclusief Claws (gehard COM kunststof) en inclusief magnetic grills.

leverbaar in: essen black (levering 1e week januari 2023)

prijs per paar.


SKY TOWER wins Exceptional Value Award
Add another accolade to SKY Tower’s impressive resumé.

Tone Audio named it as the Exceptional Value award winner for 2018.

*“Totem has always been a perennial favorite and performance leader. The Sky Tower is just plain amazing. For less than what you might spend on a pair of mini monitors and stands, you can have a pair of Sky Towers, with bigger bass, and well, bigger everything. We invite you to audition a pair.”*



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Black veneer, Mahogany, Satin white