TOTEM Skylight


TOTEM Sky Light

Leverbaar in Realwood Canadian Mahohy, Black Ash en Satin White.

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TOTEM Skylight 

Naast de TOTEM Sky en de Sky Tower is er nu de Skylight met het typische luchtige kenmerkende TOTEM geluid uit een kleinere behuizing.

Leverbaar in Realwood Canadian Mahohy, Black Ash en Satin White.
Inclusief (magnetisch) afneembare frontjes.

Sky series broadens its horizon with the diminutive yet dynamic Skylight.
Skylight is fortified with pure Sky DNA and acoustically illuminates with a huge musical dimensionality and extension that floods the listening domain. A customized 5.75” woofer and 1” tweeter derived from Sky Tower (2599,00) were meticulously tailored for dynamic and immersive proficiency in an astonishingly compact enclosure.
Positioned as you wish or must, Skylight performs like the given space was designed specifically for it. Skylight will harmonize organically with virtually any amp or source while bestowing massive imaging, forceful bass, and impeccable phase consistency.
Whether relaxing alone with your favorite album or reveling with friends and the latest box office smash, Skylight brightens every mood and situation.

Totem’s Skylight and Beak won Stereophile’s Recommended Components Award for 2021 in their respective categories.

“The reviewer graphically acknowledged that Skylight produced “an illumined clarity in the midband that seemed to accentuate the colors and shapes of the sounds within it”. In summarizing his Skylight audition, he noted “their combination of midband clarity and sense of rhythm and drive” deeply impressed him as well”.

HxBxD: 30 x 16 x 23
inspeeltijd: 50-80 uur
impedantie: 8 ohm
aanbevolen vermogen: 20-110 Watt
rendement: 88Db
woofer: 5,75 inch, Copper Clad Voice Coil, type long throw
tweeter: 1 inch Laser Etched Textile Soft Dome
freq. bereik: 51-26.000 Hz, +/- 3Db
crossover freq.: 2500Hz, First Order
Prijs: 1299,00 per paar

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