TOTEM Signature One


Designed for our 30th Anniversary

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Designed for our 30th Anniversary

Don’t call it a comeback. The Signature One, designed for our 30th anniversary, is not a “comeback” of the famous Model 1 that launched Totem. It is an elevated, advanced monitor loudspeaker reflecting the progression of our engineering prowess and is primed to knock you out.

The spirit of the Model 1 lives deep within it but the Signature One is quite unique and its superior performance defies comparison. An imposing 6.5-inch mineral infused woofer derived from the Forest driver is mated to a 1” aluminum dome tweeter housed in a rear chamber. Designed simultaneously to achieve the best phase relationship, their synergy is perfected by a handmade crossover consisting of only a few precious components.

Signature One is an homage to our history, an anniversary celebration, and a retro yet timeless design that will outperform competitors throughout its multi-decade lifespan.

mahonie / zwart essen / satijn wit
HxBxD: 35 x 19,5 x 27
woofer: 16,5cm (7.6 cm voice coil)
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Black veneer, Mahogany, Satin white