Tellurium Q Tellurium Blue II RCA – 1 meter Stereo


Tellurium Blue II     RCA – 1 meter Stereo

2 jaar


Tellurium Blue II     RCA – 1 meter Stereo

De Blue serie kenmerkt zich door een vergevingsgezind karakter. In audiosets die enigszins scherp klinken kan deze kabel een oplossing zijn.

The Blue RCA is our entry level RCA given 4.5 stars for sound quality by HiFi Choice in 2012 because we had designed it specifically to work with our Blue speaker cable not as a stand alone product. This we viewed as a failure on our part so put significant time and resources into developing the Blue RCA further and the new version leaves the old Blue in its wake in terms of performance – we are truly proud of it and hope you will be too.

lengte 1 meter
Meerprijs 50cm: 40,00

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