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TEAC TN-5BB  AWARD WINNING Premium Hifi platenspeler met elektronische lift en elektronische afslag.

  • Rotation speeds of 33-⅓, 45 and 78 RPM supported
  • Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System (PRS3)
  • Static-balanced knife-edge-bearing tone arm
  • VTA adjustment (tone arm height adjustment) function (+6 mm)
  • Cabinet weight of 10.6 kg
  • Platter weight of 1.7 kg (20mm-thick acrylic)
  • Anti-skating function
  • Powered arm lifter
  • Non-contact detection automatic arm lift function (can be turned on/off)
  • XLR balanced output connectors
  • Unbalanced RCA output connectors
  • GND connector
  • Height-adjustable machined aluminum feet at four points
  • Acrylic dust cover
  • Cast aluminum head shell (lead wire) included
  • Supports cartridge weights of 15–23 g (including head-shell)
  • RCA and ground cables included
  • L wrench for arm lifter height adjustment
  • L wrench for VTA adjustment
  • Cartridge alignment gauge

Gewicht: 10.5 Kg Levering inclusief stofkap en Nederlandstalige gebruiksaanwijzing en exclusief bij HIFIHUIS: TEAC Washi paper plateau deck ter waarde van 29,00.


review hifi.nl

More surprising was an electronic lift/lower system that worked beautifully, in dependable Teac style. Place arm over record, touch the big button up front and it lowers smoothly of its own accord. Yep, they’ve fitted a motorised lift/ lower platform and it worked so well I used it. Rather than my usually more reliable fingers.  Better, at the end of a side the turntable detects arm run-out and triggers the lift platform to raise the arm and stop the turntable. This gives end-of-side silence: no tick-pop, tick-pop until you get off the settee. How civilised!