QED High-End Luidsprekerkabel met Aircore Technologie Supremus.


2 jaar


QED  High-End Luidsprekerkabel met Aircore Technologie
Supremus met Bananas. kant-en-klare doorsnede 6,16mm²

QED Aircore™ Technology
A unique geometry and construction for unrivalled high frequency details and cable timing

Rhodium plated Airloc™ locking plugs
Maintaining the fidelity of the audio signal from start to finish

Our largest ever cross sectional area
Vanishingly low resistance for better speaker and amplifier controlDeveloped without compromise
Supremus is the result of over 40 years of technological evolution are refinement

Enamel coated conductors
A new Superior insulatior for reduced capacitance and consistent energy flowUnmatched in quality
Proudly British built, form start to finish


Lengte: 2 x 3 meter

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