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CASTLE Avon Center

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CASTLE Avon Center , Vol klinkende center speaker met Ribbon tweeter, 2 x 15cm bas speaker onder de kast en 2 x 12cm bas/midrange speaker links en rechts van de Ribbon tweeter, in een TDTL TransmissieLine opstelling.   

Castle Avon C Centre Speaker

Castle has called this breakthrough technology TDTL – Twin Drive Transmission Line and is, for the very first time, in the new Avon floorstanding loudspeakers.

The Avon Series provides delicacy and sparkling detail in the way they reproduce musical instruments and voices.
Avon Series does not just focus solely on the TDTL Transmission Line technology.

In addition to the Avon 4 and 5 floorstanders are the Avon 1 and the Avon 2 bookshelf speakers and the Avon C centre-channel speaker meaning you can configure Avon speakers for conventional stereo systems and full-home cinema setups as you desire. The other speakers in the series use a combination of Single Drive Extended Line and Twin Drive Extended Line technology for a dramatic sound.

To equally match the low end clarity of the TDTL technology all Avon speakers are paired with an advanced Ribbon HF.

Avon’s ribbon tweeter design uses an ultra-thin alloy sandwich precisely positioned in a powerful transverse magnetic field, where the ribbon acts as both the voice coil and diaphragm. In this way the whole radiating area is driven directly and responds accurately to the music signal without energy storage or breakup. Together, the direct drive and low mass of the ribbon provide superb musical detailing and transient attack, resolving the harmonic content of the music in a thrilling and natural way.

Avon C
3-way centre speaker
TDEL – Twin Drive Extended Line

2 x 150mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone Woofer

2 x 120mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone woofer/midrange

1 x 12 x 45 mm True Ribbon

90dB Sensitivity
25-100W Reccomended Amp. Power
97dB Peak SPL
8Ω Compatible
3.6Ω Minimum Impedance
65Hz ~ 20kHz Frequency Response
60Hz Bass Extension
214 x 520 x 320mm
14kg each

Normale prijs: 1099,00



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Antique oak, Black oak, Cherry, Walnut