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Amplifier/preamplifier Mosfet Integrated 2x80Wrms/channel/8Ω

4mm aluminium brushed front panel with graved logo and “Wave”, 1,5mm steel chassis, aluminium knob and keys
Audio stages with discrete components, MKP technology link capacitors, high performances heatsinks

PCB with double layer nickel/gold, thermal protection
Toroidal Transformer of 340 VA
ALPS motorised potentiometer
Direct acces of inputs from the front panel or the remote control

WOW! I mean WOW! Really, this is an exceptionnal integrated amplifier. I use it with my Canton GLE 470 and Canton sub. The sound is magnificent. The treble and mids are bright and natural. . The design of the amp is quite minimalist, I like that. You got only a source selector and a volume.

Leverbaar in zwart of zilver. BIJ HIFIHUIS geleverd met ATOLL afstandsbediening. (normaal meerprijs: 50,00)

afmetingen, B X H X D: 440x90x300mm

Uitbreidbaar met MM Phono pre amp of DAC/Bluetooth decoder:

1 Bluetooth receiver
2 Coaxial Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
2 Optical Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
1 USB-B Input: PCM & DSD
Audio Converter: AKM – AK4490
PCM from 16 bits to 32bits up to 384 kHz on USB-B input (asynchronous).
DSD : DSD64 & DSD128.
USB Interface: XMOS with specific program designed for ATOLL.

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U kunt bij opmerkingen tijdens het bestel proces opgeven of u hem in zwart of zilver wilt.

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met AKG DAC en bluetooth, Met DAC en Phono MM, met Phono MM pre-amp, standaard, zonder extra's