ATOLL DR200 Signature CD Drive /Loopwerk



ATOLL DR200 Signature CD Drive /Loopwerk

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ATOLL DR200 Signature CD Drive /Loopwerk

Top CD loopwerk van ATOLL

  • Special optimized treatment in order to reduce the jitter :
    • TEAC CD drive designed with specific anti-vibration material
    • Chassis treated against parasite vibrations
  • Regulated supply with high current capacity dedicated to the mechanism
  • Special low noise linear supply dedicated to digital stream
  • LVDS circuit for digital format (high resolution treatment)
  • Insulation of the digital signals with a specific 1:1 transformer dedicated to S/PDIF and AES/EBU signals.
  • CD text
  • Low consumption OLED display
  • Accepted Disc : CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Formats : MP3-WMA-AAC


“This CD drive offers remarkable performances and musicality, no matter the DAC associated. You can find the transparency and dynamics, important for the French manufacturer.

It brings a significant improving over all the settings regarding to the use of a standard CD player linked to a converter.

The AESBU output shows a clear difference, even if its coaxial connection is excellent. I do not advice the optical output that gives a less detailed and a more blurry restitution.

Linked to the Atoll IN300’S DAC, the results have been surprising in many points. On various tracks, it was difficult to tell the difference with a dematerialized file, even in 96 kHz…

Thanks to this Atoll DR200 Signature CD drive, the compact disc has always a bright future! A superb product… Recommended!”



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