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ATLAS Hyper 5.0 Achromatic

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ATLAS Hyper 5.0 Achromatic

Based on our Hyper 3.5 but with an increased conductor diameter, improving performance capability, especially over longer lengths.  Perhaps best considered the ‘long-wheelbase’ version of our Hyper 3.5 platform, offering a step-up in overall performance with improved bass accuracy and control.

The Hyper 5.0 shares the same characteristics of Hyper 3.5 but is able to deliver a more controlled signal to the loudspeaker allowing it to work far more efficiently. Hyper 5.0 is a great opportunity to upgrade on your speaker cable when you are looking for a much greater control and detail.

Features :
5.0mm2 OFC copper conductors
Low Temperature PTFE wideband dielectric
Anti vibration cotton filler
Solderless, cold welded fittings with 100% calibrated tooled connections
Low mass non conductive plug body eliminating the detrimental effects of circulating Eddy currents
Self cleaning contacts
Low contact resistance and superior conductivity
Minimal signal deletions for maximal hi fidelity
Wide band performance


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Kabel lengte

2 x 2.5 meter, 2 x 2m, 2 x 3m