ATLAS Eos 4.0em Power Cable 1.5 meter


ATLAS Eos 4.0em Power Cable   1.5 meter

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ATLAS Eos 4.0em Power Cable

It’s long been known that the quality of mains power can notably affect the performance of hifi & home cinema systems. A clean, quality power supply requires cables resistant to external interference and noise on the mains itself.
These factors and the degree to which they can degrade audio performance have perhaps been underestimated previously, only recently coming to play a critical role in many manufacturers’ product design strategies. At Atlas, such issues have been a core consideration for several years, culminating in the introduction of our latest Eos ‘em’ power cables and distribution blocks, the third generation of our advanced ‘noise-killing’ products.

The Eos 4.0em Power Cable uses high purity 4mm² OFC conductors in combination with a carbon-loaded screen with our dd (dual drain) termination configurationin a high-efficiency stable PVC dielectric. Particularly well-suited to components with high power requirements, the Eos 4.0em is designed to deliver optimum performance from the most sophisticated ‘high-end’ audio systems and is an ideal choice to use between wall socket and our Eos Modular 4.0em power block.


Lengte: 1.5 meter

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