Tangent PreAmpster II (voor-versterker)


2 jaar


Tangent PreAmpster II      (voor-versterker)

New design
The Tangent PreAmpster II has been updated to Tangent’s popular II design, known by its compact size and sturdy aluminum front. In addition, the PreAmpster II now has a built-in power supply instead of an external power supply as with the first generation.

Now with RIAA
For the first time, the Tangent Pre-Ampster II can act as a preamplifier for a turntable via the built-in RIAA.

Updated technologies
It’s not just the RIAA feature that’s new on the Tangent PreAmpster II. The Bluetooth function has been updated to a Qualcomm 5.0 APTX-HD version.

RIAA Phono amp
Bluetooth 5.0 Aptx HD
Digital input
XLR Balanced
Headphone Out
Analog input
Remote Control
Auto on (all sources)
Sample rate 192 kHz, 24-bit

BxDxH: : 195x194x70mm


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