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CASTLE Richmond Anniversary

Richmond Anniversary, monitor, 2weg, gevoeligheid 88dB, 1580 watt

Sound quality

Previous versions of the Richmond won many friends, thanks to an even and unfatiguing sound, and the Anniversary doesn’t seek to change this formula, but rather focuses on improving other aspects of the performance. So the smoothness remains, but the influence of the enclosure has been reduced further for a more open performance.

Tonality remains extremely good, and the speaker conveys voices and instruments with realism and precision. Placed roughly two metres apart and with a very slight toe in, the Richmond Anniversary also produces a very cohesive soundstage, with excellent placement of musicians and an impressive sense of the recording environment.

Product: Castle Richmond Anniversary
Origin: UK/China
Type: Two-way standmount loudspeaker
Weight: 5kg each
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 165mm x280mm x 235mm
• 130mm carbon weave mid-bass driver
• 19mm Polyamide micro-fibre tweeter
• Bi-wirable
• Lacewood veneer cabinet