ATLAS Eos Modular OF4U Schuko


ATLAS Eos Modular OF4U Schuko

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ATLAS Eos Modular OF4U Schuko

Atlas Eos Modular 4.0 Power Block (4-voudig stekkerblok)

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Atlas EOS Modular 4.0 Power Block

We live in an electrically noisy world. Mobile phones, computers, wireless networks, the fridge and even your equipment itself can all add various types of noise & interference. Optimum system performance demands a different approach for each component type – so the

Start with a strong foundation. The Atlas Eos Modular 4.0 block is internally wired with Atlas Eos 4dd PTFE power cable (4mm²) to ensure matched power transmission between individual socket outlets and the incoming mains supply when connected to the wall socket with the Eos 4dd power cable.

The block is fully shielded, constructed from a welded steel chassis with anti-vibration contact damping, and is configurable with optionally filtered sockets. All components are of the highest quality, with the filtering circuit board being of heavy-duty design with gold-plated connections.